Whole Life Practices

When we look at the full and free life in John 10:10, we need to remember this includes not only the spiritual aspect (click here for the Spiritual Practices), but also the emotional, mental, and physical parts as well (Mark 12:30).  As we seek to integrate our “whole life” together, we want to offer the resources below as possible next steps on your journey with Jesus:

Try Softer Connect Study

We often talk about being “fully alive in Christ” from John 10:10. One hindrance to that is ‘worry’ or ‘white knuckling’ in life. Periodically we will offer a Connect Study called, “Try Softer” which will focus on a fresh approach to move us out of anxiety, stress, and survival mode – and into a life of connection and joy.

Whole Life Coach

The function of a Whole Life Coach is to help program participants work on a healthy balance in life, provide a safe listening space and give support to decision making and relationship building.  Coaches assist with maintaining stability, growth in resilience and emotional health, and providing resources for professional care, family support and education.  If you attend Suburban and are interested in a Whole Life Coach, contact Carey.
Other support pieces
  • Connect Groups
  • Check the enews for additional Connect Studies
  • Meet with a pastor
  • Prayer:  Visit our Prayer Room and leave a request on the prayer wall and be prayed for or ask for prayer here.
  • Follow the Prayer Course on your own.

On Your Own…
  • Try Softer by Aundi Kolber
  • The Try Softer Guided Journey by Aundi Kolber
  • Anatomy of the Soul by Curt Thompson
  • The Soul of Shame by Curt Thompson
  • Curt Thompson website under the tab, “Reflections”
  • Journey to Shalom by Molly LaCroix